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    Eddie Marls

    (AC Milan - MD for North & South America)

    "CoachFX Live acts as a platform on which we more effectively connect with the soccer community."

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    Anji McMillan


    "This site has my kids hooked for hours every night then they are up first thing practicing their new moves."

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    Gary Book

    (CEO, NOGA)

    "At long last CoachFX LIVE provides a top-class, user-friendly portal to bring together the many levels of the game within an engaging format."

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    John Kerr

    (Head Coach Duke University)

    "I'd recommend CoachFX LIVE to any player who wants to get the edge to make it in NCAA Soccer."

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    Austin Daniels

    (Arizona Youth Soccer Association)

    "CoachFX Live will be able to provide state associations and their coaches with a one stop reference point for additional coaching material."

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    Shalrie Joseph

    (Midfielder Chivas USA)

    "I wish I had CoachFXLIVE when I grew up as a player, I'd have really understood what my coach was trying to teach me so much faster."

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    Fernando Tresaco Gracia 

    (Head of Refereeing a. i.)

    "CoachFX allows our staff to quickly create realistic game situations, fitness drills and integrated training drills."

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    George Cumming

    (Former FIFA Head of Refereeing)

    "The inclusion of refereeing in CoachFX Live is unique in world football and I believe will greatly enhance the referee development and training."

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    Donald Parks

    (Head of Coach Education, SFA)

    "CoachFX enhances all of my presentations and the animation brings to life my demonstrations for the training ground. It has been a terrific tool for me."

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    Aleks Mihailovic

    (United States Adult Soccer Association)

    "The software is outstanding and I use it to create programs and situations during my coaching clinics."

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    Ludek Klusacek

    (Czech Republic Assistant Coach)

    "Coachfx is a really powerful program for all levels of football, from our professionals to young children."

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    Miles Joseph

    (MLS - Real Salt Lake, Coach)

    "Our Club is really looking forward to the opportunity to share our philosophy in the game."